Participation of our students in HHIC culinary arts competition

American College culinary students participated in the culinary arts competition organized by the Higher Hotel Institute of Cyprus, the French institute of Cyprus, the Cyprus Chef’s Association and the University of Cyprus and won the second place.

The theme of the competition was “High cuisine menu with local products: Halloumi” and the competition was a “Mystery Box” which means that the students were given ingredients on the day of the competition and they had to prepare a dish of their own based on the ingredients provided. The level of difficulty was high, given the fact that students had to use their imagination and skills with no prior preparation as to the dish they have prepared. The jury consisted of the co-organizers.

Each year, American College successfully participates in student competitions, so that AC students gain experience and enrich their resumes. American College is the only College that participated in all culinary arts competitions in Cyprus this year.

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