Faculty staff from other institutions participating in the Erasmus+ program interested in teaching at American College must contact American College Institutional Erasmus Program Coordinator.

When you express your interest American College Institutional Erasmus+ Program Coordinator will forward your request to the relevant College department in order to discuss common grounds on teaching. It is at the discretion of the department concerned whether or not to accept a teaching visitor.

The hosting department is responsible for organizing a program based on the interests of the visitor and there is a considerable time commitment in planning the program and hosting the visit. Once the dates of the visit have been agreed, the Teaching Program should be prepared. On receipt of the confirmed Teaching Program, an invitation letter from the Institutional Erasmus Program Coordinator will be sent by email.

Visiting staff must be employed by a partner institution of American College with which there is a specific agreement for Staff Mobility. Financial support should be provided by the home institution of the visitor. Visitors should ensure they have adequate medical insurance, while being in Cyprus.

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