Our students had a workplace tour of Agios Ambelis winery

As a part of the “Wines and Spirits” course, Hotel Management students visited Agios Ambelis Winery at Kalo Chorio Orinis. There, Dr. Constantinos Iacovou and the students had the pleasure of taking a tour explaining the winemaking process from grapes to glass. During the tour, they explored the surrounding vineyard and the inner workings of the winery, including fermentation and barrel aging, and concluded the overall experience with wine tasting. The students also had the option to accompany their tasting with artisanal cheese and charcuterie selections from local traditional producers.

The “Wines and Spirits” course gives a brief overview of the history of wines, countries of origin, variety of wines, and procedures of wine making. Students have wine-tasting sessions and wine service techniques.

Also, they learn to distinguish important flavor characteristics of wines. In addition, the course introduces students to wine and food pairing techniques and which wines and spirits must be used for food production. Agios Ambelis Winery is a multi-awarded winery that offers 11 unique varieties, supplying not only the local but also the international market.

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