Workplace tour – Hilton Hotel

On 18/4/2018 our Culinary Arts students enrolled in the course “Kitchen and Restaurant Organization” visited the Hilton Hotel in Nicosia for a workplace tour. During their visit the principles and standards of Hilton Hotel & Resorts were explained. Our students had the opportunity to meet the Head Chef and learn how he handles orders, personnel, food preparation, plating and HACCP regulations.

The “Kitchen and Restaurant Organization” course gives the opportunity to its students to acquire a comprehensive awareness of the concept of a restaurant business and the kitchen and restaurant organization techniques, as well as obtaining skills in management systems and control procedures for operating an efficient and successful restaurant.

Hilton Hotel & Resorts is considered one of the world’s largest hotel brands, targeting business and leisure travelers in Nicosia. The franchise operates 580 hotels in Cyprus and 93 more countries and employees have limitless options and career opportunities.

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