AC studentsworkplace tour of Semeli Hotel

As a part of the “Introduction to Hospitality Industry” course, Hotel Management students visited Semeli Hotel on 11 January 2023. There, Ms. Paola, the Front Office Manager, and Chef Koutouroushis, showed the hotel premises to the students and analyzed every department’s operations, such as kitchen, reception, restaurant, and bar.

There we also found Solomis, who is a 3rd-year AC Hotel Management student currently working as a full-time receptionist.

Semeli Hotel is located within Nicosia’s business district, offering an elegant and luxurious atmosphere, combining impeccable facilities with first-class hospitality and service.

Introduction to Hospitality Industry course provides an in-depth overview of the world’s largest and fastest growing business. It also includes several practitioners’ perspectives, challenges, opportunities, careers, responsibilities, and trends in the hospitality industry.

American College is in collaboration with more than 35 luxury hotels and 40 restaurants all over Cyprus and Greece, providing students with paid internships.

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