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Students currently studying at a higher education institution can have a great study abroad experience in Cyprus by studying at American College for one or more semesters. The studies are in English and the credits earned can be transferred to the students’ current academic institution and count towards their graduation requirements!

This study abroad opportunity is perfect for students who want to gain the experience from studying in a country other than the one they are currently studying, discover Cyprus’ culture and landscape and explore its historical places. Cyprus is a crime-free country with a stabilized and secured political situation and a lovely weather.

Eligible students must:

  1. be attending a higher education institution,
  2. have studied for at least 1 academic year (equivalent to 60 ECTS),
  3. have achieved a cumulative GPA of at least 2 out of 4 (or equivalent), and
  4. must be at least 18 years old.

Students who decide to study at American College for one or more semesters, can take courses such as European History, History of Cyprus, Greek Language and of course many other popular courses in the areas of Business, Marketing, Computer Science, Hospitality Management and Tourism Management. Most courses usually carry 6 ECTS each and students can take up to 30 ECTS per semester. Students can get an idea of potential courses to be offered by looking at the Courses offered per semester which lists the courses usually offered during Fall and Spring semesters. The final teaching schedule of a semester is published shortly before a semester begins.

Your current academic institution makes the final decision regarding how many credits will transfer from your study abroad program and how they will be treated (e.g. major credits, elective credits, etc) but the following procedure will help you secure your transfer credit approval.

Before your study abroad studies

  • Contact American College Office of Admission to learn about the courses available to you and receive further information regarding these courses. We can provide the syllabus or course description of the courses you are interested in taking, to help you receive the transfer credit pre-approval.
  • Review the courses available to you with your academic advisor.
  • Get a signed courses to be studied pre-approval form from your home institution. We strongly recommend that you receive pre-approval for more courses than you plan to attend as you may need to change your initially selected courses because scheduling conflicts might occur, a course may not being offered or you might change your mind about your initially selected courses.
  • Send us your signed courses to be studied pre-approval form.

During your study abroad studies

  • Your home institution will require a minimum standard of academic performance in order to grant transfer credit (usually at least a grade of “C”). It is therefore important that you attend classes and perform according to the host institution’s standards and expectations.
  • At some home institutions, while credits transfer from study abroad programs, grades do not transfer and they do not count towards Grade Point Average calculations. You should ask about the transfer credit policies and procedures of your home institution.

After study abroad studies

  • Ensure that American College has the name and email address of the appropriate person at your home institution to send your official transcripts.
  • Take all course material back with you, including syllabi, work completed, essays and examinations, in case it is ever needed.

Students interested in a study abroad experience at American College must contact our Office of Admissions for further information:

Office of Admissions
American College
P.O. Box 22425
1521 Nicosia

Telephone: +357 22368000
Fax: +357 22368001

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