American College is a leading higher education institution founded in 1975.

The College is located in the capital of Cyprus, Nicosia. Cyprus is an island which lies at the crossroads of Europe, Asia and Africa and is a member-state of the European Union. American College is one of the oldest higher education institutions in Cyprus.

The College is registered with the Cyprus Ministry of Education, Sport and Youth and it offers a wide range of accredited programs of study. Its programs are modelled on American and European higher education and are recognized both nationally and internationally. The vast majority of American College programs are offered in English language and the College hosts students from all over the world.

Up to date, flexible and innovative programs of study

American College aims at equipping its students with highly-regarded qualifications, skills and experience, which will fulfil their career aspirations and enrich their future lives. The flexibility and diversity of our programs of study attract students of all ages from every background and from many different countries.

Our programs are reviewed regularly so that they meet our students’ needs and the needs of society in general and to reflect updated trends and requirements. At American College students experience new methods and approaches to learning in a conductive and creative environment.

Our priority is to enable and encourage our students to achieve their full potential and to accomplish academic excellence through flexible and innovative programs of study.

Internationally recognized education

American College developed and maintains academic links with a number of American, British, European, Australian, Canadian and other universities, providing students with diverse transfer opportunities for further study.

Our students may transfer to these universities to continue their undergraduate studies or pursue postgraduate studies (master and doctoral degrees). Furthermore, American College has been awarded the Erasmus Charter for Higher Education and it applies the European Credit Transfer System (ECTS). These enable our students, among others, to participate in student mobility programs.

The College has an extensive and expanding list of European academic institutions at which our students can study for one or two semesters. Moreover, students of these institutions can study at American College for one or two semesters and have their studies fully recognized.

Highly regarded qualifications that enhance employability

American College qualifications are highly regarded by employers. Employers in Cyprus and abroad, are interested to employ American College graduates, for their academic abilities and professional skills. Our graduates have successfully entered the working world and have excelled within their fields of study.

Modern and well-equipped facilities

Our campus consists of modern and well equipped facilities such as a rich library and online library platform, state of the art computer facilities, professional kitchen and restaurant laboratories, classrooms, a gym and cafeterias. American College offers its students the facilities they need to successfully pursue their studies and at the same time have an enjoyable student life.

Our laboratories give students the opportunity to become familiar with instruments, tools and equipment, be involved in their use and gain practical experience in their specific fields of study. Well-equipped and up to date laboratories are essential for the provision of modern higher education as they enable the practical understanding of theoretical material and acquisition of skills that will provide students with advantages in the labor market.

Dedicated faculty

The quality of our education is a mirror image of our faculty. The faculty of American College take a personal interest in each student’s success. Working together, faculty members and students create and nurture a community that fosters mutual trust and respect through formal and informal interaction.

Our faculty members, an enthusiastic and competent academic community, are highly qualified, and have teaching, research and consultancy experience. Some of our professors continue to work actively in the marketplace and they therefore bring actual industry experience and knowledge to the classrooms.

Lively international community

American College has a lively and tolerant international community. International students from countries of Europe, the Middle East, Africa and Asia are warmly welcomed at the College. For our international students, embarking on undergraduate or postgraduate study involves moving to Cyprus.

As well as coping with academic work, international students will also have to adjust to a different way of life, an environment with a different culture and a different language. Our staff has special responsibility to make this transition as smooth as possible.

Compact, friendly and above all a human College

Our dedicated academic and administrative staff work hard to keep American College a warm, human and friendly college. Part of the uniqueness of our College is the fact that we combine an excellent record of quality provision in our teaching with a constant effort to maintain a personal relationship with each individual student.

We spend a great deal of time and effort in making all our students feel welcome and in offering any support they might need.

American College was founded in 1975. Its mission was to provide high-quality education that would satisfy the needs of its students.

It started as a private institute teaching accounting and English language and in 1979 it commenced offering its first higher education program of study – the one year program in secretarial studies. In 1985 the College introduced its first two year programs in Business Studies, Computer Studies, Hotel Management and Travel & Tourism.

In 1986 the College established its first academic links with universities abroad and in 1988 American College admitted its first international students.

One year later the College started offering its first bachelor degrees and since then there has been a continuous addition of programs of study.

In 2005 the College introduced its first postgraduate program – the Master in Business Administration.

The American College is a private institution of higher education committed to meeting the educational and professional needs of its students.

The College aims to help its students develop a strong knowledge base. In addition, it aims to encourage its students to achieve their potential and prepares its graduates for career and/or academic advancement. Finally, the College strives to help its students maintain and foster ethical, fair and honest behaviors in all their endeavors.

The College aims to underpin its mission by meeting the following objectives:

  • to recruit and retain qualified faculty dedicated to excellence in teaching;
  • to promote and support research and scholarship, academic freedom and faculty development;
  • to recruit and retain qualified administrators dedicated to adequately servicing the students’ needs;
  • to offer programs of study of high quality that can respond to the current and future needs of the society;
  • to introduce and maintain adequate educational facilities, resources and services of high quality that can provide a stimulating environment conducive to learning;
  • to have a clear organizational and administrative structure and employ effective policies, procedures and regulations that can support the College in achieving its mission.
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