Incoming Students for Studies

To take part in the Erasmus+ Exchange Program at the American College (CYNICOSIA 22), first you need to contact your Erasmus+ institutional coordinator in your home institution and discuss your candidacy with him/her.

We can only accept incoming students for the areas of studies specified in the bilateral agreement between American College and your institution. So check with the Erasmus coordinator of your institution in which program of study of American College you can study.

Then your home institution must nominate you via email and send the following to American College Erasmus Coordinator (

  • Home Erasmus Institution Name
  • Home Erasmus Institution Code
  • Home Erasmus Institution Country
  • Home Erasmus officer name
  • Home Erasmus officer email
  • Student First and Family name
  • Student Gender
  • Student Nationality
  • Student Email address
  • Student Program of Study at Home Institution
  • Semester(s) of stay (specify one or more semesters e.g. Fall 2023 semester)

The nomination email must reach American College as follows:

Semester interested in studyingFall Semester (October)Spring Semester (February)
Nomination deadline31st July30th November

Finally, once the nomination is accepted, an email will be sent to you informing you of the acceptance. Then you need to apply for admission  and either upload through the online application for admission or email the following to

  • Copy of your European Identity Card
  • Copy of your latest Transcript of Records in English

Additionally, you need to send to

  • Copy of your European Health Insurance Card or Private Health Insurance Coverage Certificate

Erasmus+ exchange students coming to American College must use the Online Learning Agreement (OLA) in order to fill in the Learning Agreement Form. More useful details for the completion of OLA you can find here.

To fill in the Learning Agreement, incoming students will need to select the courses they will be taking at American College. The Courses offered per semester list provides the courses usually taught during Fall and Spring semesters. A student can use this list to form his or hers learning agreement.

If for any reason (e.g. a course will not be offered in a specific semester, the student changed his/her mind, two or more of the selected courses have a time clash) the student must change one or more of the selected courses found on the Learning Agreement, he/she can substitute the initially selected courses in coordination with his/her home institution and complete a Changes in the Learning Agreement form.

The Application for Admission and the application documents must reach American College as follows:

Semester interested in studying Fall Semester (October) Spring Semester (February)
Application deadline 31st August 31st December

English Language

Those who apply must demonstrate an adequate knowledge of the English language, given that the programs of study to which we accept Erasmus+ incoming students are taught in English.


Erasmus students are responsible for their own accommodation. Below you will find useful links to find a place to stay during your studies in Cyprus:

Useful information about your stay in Cyprus

Here you can find a small booklet that incudes useful information about your stay in Cyprus.

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