Students’ Union

All enrolled students are members of the Students’ Union and elect their own representatives. The main objectives of the Students’ Union are to promote the general welfare of the student community and to encourage participation in the various aspects of College life. The Students’ Union, through its president, is represented on the College Council and various committees of the College.

The union is also active in promoting communication and understanding among students of various origins and cultures. Finally, the Students’ Union is also the link between the College, other higher education institutions and the community at large.

Social life when studying at a College is often very active and vibrant and this is something we want to encourage in parallel to your studying. The College along with the Students’ Union aims at supporting students in having an enjoyable stay throughout their studies. Students enjoy weekend or vacation excursions to the countryside organized by the College and Students’ Union. Such outings offer an opportunity to meet and socialize with fellow students and staff away from the classroom routine.

Moreover, the College along with the Students’ Union offers students opportunities to become involved in activities such as educational trips and guest speakers’ lectures.

Finally, American College with the help of the Students’ Union is actively involved in the community by supporting Voluntary, Charitable and Non-Profit Organizations and Associations (Cyprus Association of Cancer Patients and Friends, Cyprus Myopathy Association etc.) and through blood donation activities. Support is provided in the form of financial contributions and students’ voluntary work.

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