With thousands of graduates around the globe, American College has a vibrant and diverse alumni community. Our graduates represent the College in a wide range of private and public organization worldwide, in which they contribute to shaping the future of business, hospitality, tourism, science and engineering.

Regardless of when you graduate, your College experience can last a lifetime! All American College graduates have the opportunity to become members of the American College Alumni Association. The association maintains contact with its graduates in order to keep them informed of college news and events, new academic and career opportunities, as well as other developments and achievements of the college, its students and its graduates. In addition, the association aims to receive information from graduates concerning their employment and career development. Finally, the association invites graduates of American College to attend College activities.

We strongly believe that staying connected to an active international community of alumni creates opportunities for knowledge and expertise exchange, networking, and access to professional development resources. American College Alumni Association members:

  • remain connected with the College community;
  • connect to a robust alumni network that spans the globe;
  • engage with the next generation of alumni, through various networking activities and
  • serve as an Ambassador inspiring prospective students and future College graduates.

If you are an American College graduate who are not a member of our Alumni Association, you can become a member of the American College Alumni Association by completing our short online registration form found below and benefit from what our alumni association offers.

You can also follow American College Alumni Club on Facebook.

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