Mission and Objectives

The American College is a private institution of higher education committed to meeting the educational and professional needs of its students.

The College aims to help its students develop a strong knowledge base. In addition, it aims to encourage its students to achieve their potential and prepares its graduates for career and/or academic advancement. Finally, the College strives to help its students maintain and foster ethical, fair and honest behaviors in all their endeavors.

The College aims to underpin its mission by meeting the following objectives:

  • to recruit and retain qualified faculty dedicated to excellence in teaching;
  • to promote and support research and scholarship, academic freedom and faculty development;
  • to recruit and retain qualified administrators dedicated to adequately servicing the students’ needs;
  • to offer programs of study of high quality that can respond to the current and future needs of the society;
  • to introduce and maintain adequate educational facilities, resources and services of high quality that can provide a stimulating environment conducive to learning;
  • to have a clear organizational and administrative structure and employ effective policies, procedures and regulations that can support the College in achieving its mission.
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