FINANCIAL AID 2024-2025 – EU & Third Countries

Tuition fee discount for new students

Financial Aid for new students comes in the form of a tuition fee discount (difference between Tuition Fees and Tuition Fees After discount) and it is found in the Payment option table in the Tuition & Other Fees information.

Scholarships based on Academic Performance at the American College

Scholarships are offered to students who demonstrate exceptional academic achievement while at the American College. The scholarships are in the form of a tuition fee discount for one academic semester/session, the amount of which varies according to the schedule below:

 Tuition Reduction
Cumulative GPAAcademic ProgramsVocational Programs
 3.75 – 3.99 20%10%
3.50 – 3.74 10%10%

Eligible for this type of financial aid are students who:

  1. Are enrolled in courses in the semester/session for which they are applying for the scholarship.
  2. Were enrolled for at least 30 undergraduate or 24 postgraduate ECTS credits during the preceding semester.
  3. Have completed a minimum of 60 ECTS credits at the American College.

Students interested in receiving any of the above financial aid must complete an Application for Scholarship form and submit it to the College reception within four weeks from the date classes commence for the particular semester/session.

Financial Assistance Program

Financial assistance is available to the international students who have a brother or a sister or a husband or a wife studying during the same semester, regardless of academic performance.

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