TUITION & OTHER FEES 2024 – 2025 – Third Countries


Once an applicant for admission sends his/her application for admission form to the Office of Admissions, he/she should forward a payment to the College of the non-refundable Application for Admission Fee of €150.


Once requested, the student should forward a minimum payment of €4.000 as deposit to the College, based on one of the payment options shown in the table below, to enable the visa to be issued, as required by the authorities. As soon as his/her visa is issued, the College will inform the student that he/she needs to settle any remaining balance before a copy of the visa can be sent.

Payment optionTuition FeesTuition Fees After discountVisa DepositTotal
2 Semesters Undergraduate Program (60 ECTS credits, Discount applies on last 30 ECTS credits)4.5004.0005004.500
2 Semesters MBA Program (60 ECTS credits, Discount applies on last 30 ECTS credits)5.4004.5905005.090


  1. Payments to the college can be made in Euro or in other strong currencies (e.g. US dollar, GB pound).
  2. When a payment is made via Swift/SEPA transfer and the actual amount received by the College is less than the particular amount above (due to exchange rate fluctuations or bank or other charges), final adjustment will be done upon registration of the student with the College (when the student firstly arrives at the College).
  3. All tuition fees and visa deposit are subject to change without any prior notice. Payment of tuition fees is subject to the Refund Policy shown below.


All other fees shown below are payable upon registration of the student with the College (when the student firstly arrives at the College).

Enrollment fee (per semester/session)50
Technology fee (per semester/session)20
Annual Medical Insurance fee (per calendar year)170
Medical Examination fee (Hepatitis B and C, Syphilis, HIV/AIDS and Chest X-Ray for Tuberculosis – payable once)40
Migration Service fee (per calendar year)35
Laboratory (average of 2) / Book fees *70
External English language examination (applies only for students of the English language foundation program)90

The above other fees are subject to change without any prior notice.

* Students may be charged with one or more laboratory fees according to the courses they enroll in. The laboratory fee is 35 Euro.


The table below serves to provide an estimate of the other expenses which students are expected to face in Cyprus. None of the following expenses are paid to the College.

Accommodation in private apartments (for 8 months) 2.000
Food (for 8 months) 2.000
Books and Stationery (for 8 months)  500


A student can make a payment to the American College as below. Payments received should clearly mention the student’s name, application number and passport number. 1. By Swift/SEPA transfer. Transfer the amount to the following bank account: IBAN: CY35 0020 0195 0000 3570 2854 3889                     Account name: American College (AC) Limited                    BIC: BCYPCY2N Bank of Cyprus Ltd Account number: 357028543889 Address: Bank of Cyprus Prodromou Branch (0136), 5A Vyzantiou, 2064 Strovolos, Cyprus Once a payment is made by Swift/SEPA transfer, the student is required to send to a proof that the transfer was made and give the relevant reference number.


The tuition fees and/or visa deposit are refundable (subject to bank and administration charges) only if the entry visa/permit to Cyprus was denied.
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