Chef Timoleon Diamantis gave a cooking demonstration to our students

On 6 of March 2019 Master Chef Greece winner, Timoleon Diamantis visited American College premises for a workshop that lasted nearly two hours. Culinary Arts students had the opportunity to taste two different dishes prepared by Timoleon.

One of the recipes shown during the workshop, was actually used in the Master Chef Competition! Furthermore, Timoleon promoted the “no-waste” policy and presented AC students many ways on how to use leftovers. The demonstration of using leftovers was a very successful one, as it fascinated our students. Our students said they will implement this practice in their everyday cooking! Each year, American College invites successful professionals, so they pass their knowledge, market trends, and experience to AC students. We strongly believe that guest speakers, such as Timoleon Diamantis, can inspire young people about possible opportunities, and broaden their horizons to see the world outside of their classes.

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