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Incoming Students

Incoming Students


If you are interested in studying at the American College as an Erasmus+ exchange student first you need to:

  • Contact your Erasmus+ institutional coordinator in your home institution and discuss your candidacy with him/her. We can only accept incoming students for the areas of studies specified in bilateral agreements between Universities. So check with your local LLP/Erasmus+ officers to which institutions and to which departments or faculties of these institutions you can travel next academic year.

Send us the original application form, by mail to the following address:


Erasmus+ Coordinator
American College
3 Omirou Avenue
P.O.Box 22425
1521 Nicosia,







Within the following periods:

Fall Semester
From January 1st until July 31st
Spring Semester
From September 1st until November 30th


Along with the original forms you need to attach the following documents:

  • A photocopy of your Eurpean Identity card.
  • A transcript of your academic progress.



Academic Matters

1.1 - Application forms

The Erasmus+ Student Application Form is provided by the LLP/Erasmus officers of your home institution and include:

  • Original student Application form (download link at the bottom of the page)
  • Academic Recognition /Learning Agreement
  • Academic Transcript

These documents need several signatures and stamps from your home university so we advise you to start the procedure on time.


1.2 - English Language

Those who apply must demonstrate and adequate knowledge of the English language, given that all classes are taught in English. Advanced English and Elementary Greek language courses may be offered. 


1.3 - Learning Agreement

Regarding the selection of the courses a student will enrol during his or hers studies at the American College, one can find a list with a indication on when various courses are taught and in which semester. For example some courses may not be offered in Spring semester or in Fall accordingly. Student can use this template to form a draft of his or hers learning agreement. 

If for any reason a course will not be offered in a specific semester or cancelled, although indicated on the Active Courses List, then student can choose another one from a list of available courses in coordination with his/her home institution and complete the Changes in the Learning Agreement form. 



Travelling and Accommodation


2.1 - Travelling to Cyprus


Cyprus as an island is divided in 2 parts. One belonging to the Greek – Cypriot side and the northern part currently occupied by the Turkish troops since 1974. When you are about to book your plane tickets please make sure you arrange for arrival in LARNACA or PAFOS INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT that belongs to the Cyprus Government and where we can assist you in case of an emergency.


2.2 - Arrival Date


A good arrival date would be beginning of October (for Fall Semester) and beginning of February (for Spring Semester). Try to avoid weekends since the college is closed). Also please note that 1st of October is a national holiday in Cyprus. On the first working day from your arrival you must visit the college  from 08:00 - 13:00 and 15:00 - 18:00 (CT) in order to meet the Erasmus+ Institutional Coordinator (Mr. Lakis Agathocleous - Office No. B106). For more information please consult our Academic Calendar.


If you arrive in Nicosia outside College working hours and you have not made any accommodation arrangements, you are advised to go to one of the hotels as described in the Housing and Accommodation section. It is wise to stay at the hotel and visit the College on the next working day.

2.3 - Traveling to Nicosia


Larnaca International Airport is located approx. 40 minutes by car from Nicosia, the Capital city of Cyprus and location of American College. Pafos International Airport is located approx. 1 1/2 hours by car from Nicosia and American College. To come to Nicosia you can either:

  • Take a bus from the Aiport using Kapnos Shuttles (
  • Take a taxi.
  • Use the college pick up service. If you decide to use this option, the American College driver will wait for you at the arrivals in Larnaca Airport (only) and bring you to the College (if you arrive during college working hours and days) or take you to a near by the College Hotel where you can rest and visit the College the following working day. If you are interested on using college pick up service you should contact by email our admissions office at or Mr. Lakis Agathocleous (Erasmus+ Institutional Coordinator) at


2.4 Finding the College


The College is located at the very center of Nicosia in Eleftheria Square by the City Hall. Our address is:

American College, 3 Omirou Avenue, P.O. Box 22425, 1521 Nicosia, Cyprus

Telephone: +357 22368000


2.4 - Accommodation


Prior to your arrival in Cyprus, you may contact our accommodation officer Ms. Stella Georgiou at, in order to discuss the available accommodation options. Please note that upon your arrival, you may need to stay in near-by hotel for 1-2 days until you finalize the agreement for your accommodation.


2.5 - Erasmus Student's Handbook


This eBook is designed to provide you with some details about Cyprus and in general how things work (public transportation, taxi contact numbers, places to visit as well as information about hotels and emergency telephone numbers). Read it carefully and it will be of great assistance when you finally arrive on the Island. The handbook is available for downloading at the bottom of the page.

Download our bulletin

Erasmus+ Program


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