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Distance Education Master in Business Administration



As the business world continues to become more complex, the need for better-educated leaders and managers continues to grow. New technologies, redefined values and shifting customer demands are decisively changing and renewing the way businesses operate in the twenty first century. Today, managers need to be equipped with a range of skills to deal with the ever-increasing complexity and uncertainty in both public and private sector organizations. Today’s employers are looking for Master in Business Administration (MBA) graduates who can demonstrate an international mind-set, comprehend global issues, manage relationships across cultures and grow businesses in emerging markets around the world.


Our MBA program equips our students with the knowledge and skills to meet this challenging environment. The American College MBA provides students with the skills to excel in management and leadership positions. The program consists of a strong foundation in core management subjects such as Strategic Management, Operations Management, Organizational Behavior, Accounting, Finance, Economics, Marketing and Human Resource Management. Apart from the theoretical aspect, the program ensures that students are exposed to new thinking in leadership, new developments in business, new paradigms in emerging markets on the global economy and the effects of technology on business.


Studying with American College is a truly rewarding experience. Our students are our first priority. The MBA program of American College is delivered by passionate, dedicated and engaged academics who combine industry experience with academic rigour. They foster an environment where discussion and debate are highly valued. Our highly educated professors care about individual student success and remain committed to ensure their success.


The use of a range of learning methods including online lectures, case studies, group work and self-study exercises are core to the success of our program. All of these help to build skills and competencies, which develop students’ managerial capabilities. The MBA degree at American College is constantly reviewing and enhancing its curriculum to keep pace with advances in business education, to stay ahead of emerging business trends and proactively aware of important developments in key areas of international business.




The American College Distance Education Master in Business Administration is an accredited program of study, accredited by the Cyprus Agency of Quality Assurance and Accreditation in Higher Education. The agency is the official body responsible to ensure the quality of higher education and to accredit the programs of study offered by higher education institutions in the Republic of Cyprus. Accreditation is the process of validation in which higher education programs of study are evaluated based on a number of criteria and standards such as the way teaching and student assessment is conducted, qualifications and experience of teaching personnel, structure and content of a program of study, administrative mechanisms, institution’s facilities and student services. The accreditation of our Distance Education Master in Business Administration means that the program of study met the particular criteria and standards and the degree obtained by the program’s graduates is fully recognized worldwide for employment purposes and for continuing education to a higher level. The accreditation status confirms the high quality and standards of our Distance Education MBA!


Career prospects and access to further studies


What can you do with a Master in Business Administration degree once you have graduated? A lot. An MBA is extremely versatile and valuable and allows you to pivot in many different directions depending on your career aspirations, skills and interests. Below you may find popular career pathways open to MBA graduates:


  • General Management (e.g. Chief Executive Officer or Manager in a variety of economy sectors)
  • Accounting, Finance, Banking and Economics (e.g. Chief Financial Officer, Corporate Finance, Insurance and Risk Management, Investment Banker, Policy Maker within public service)
  • Human Resource Management (e.g. Employee Relations, Learning and Development, Recruitment and Talent Management)
  • Manufacturing (e.g. Logistics Management, Operations Manager, Stock Control and Supply Chain Manager)
  • Marketing, Advertising and Sales (e.g. Brand Manager, Marketing Manager, Market Research)
  • Consultancy (e.g. General Management Issues, Issues related to the above pathways)


MBA graduates can work in multinational and global corporations, local businesses or small and medium size enterprises. In addition, they can work as Self Employed (e.g. Consultant, Project Manager or start their own business).


The American College MBA can be a stepping-stone for further academic and professional studies. Our MBA graduates can continue with a Doctoral Degree abroad in universities in United Kingdom, United States of America or other countries. Moreover, our MBA graduates can continue their education by obtaining professional qualifications such as the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA) and the Chartered Banker Diploma.


The program


The MBA program is offered on a full-time basis (over a minimum period of 14 months) or on a part-time basis.


Learning outcomes


Upon successful completion of the Master in Business Administration, its graduates will:


  1. Demonstrate competency across business disciplines, specifically apply the essential elements of core business principles to analyze and evaluate problems and to construct and implement solutions in the business environment.
  2. Demonstrate critical thinking, specifically employ appropriate analytical models and apply critical reasoning processes to evaluate evidence, select among alternatives, and generate creative options in furtherance of effective decision-making.
  3. Demonstrate teamwork and leadership skills, specifically function in a variety of work groups using appropriate leadership skills and styles and collaborate with a variety of other people using elements of effective team dynamics to effectively and appropriately structure teamwork.
  4. Possess effective communication skills, specifically write business documents clearly, concisely, and analytically and speak in groups and in public clearly, concisely, and analytically, with appropriate use of visual aids.


Credit requirements


The curriculum comprises 10 core and 2 elective courses that ensure a solid grasp of complex business and related issues. An important function of postgraduate education is to acquaint students with current academic research in their field and equip them to apply that knowledge. In addition to the 12 courses, the American College MBA degree requires students to prepare a research thesis. To write a thesis, students must perform research on a specific subject that demonstrates their knowledge acquired through their program. Master’s degree students are allocated a supervisor who provides guidance throughout the execution of the thesis. Supervisors act as a point of reference throughout the thesis period, advise on content aspects and generally give students feedback on their progress.


The program requires a minimum of 90 ECTS credits as follows:




Core Courses



Elective Courses










MBA Foundation Courses


MBA Foundation Courses are offered during the two weeks prior to the beginning of every semester/session. Students without a business degree or students who completed their business degree over seven years ago and do not have managerial experience are required to take the following MBA Foundation Courses:


  • ACC571 Accounting
  • CSC571 Business Computing
  • MTH571 Business Mathematics and Statistics


The MBA Foundation Courses are offered at no additional charge.


Core Courses


ACC671 Financial and Managerial Accounting (6)

ECO671 Managerial Economics (6)

FIN671 Financial Management (6)

MAR671 Marketing Management (6)

MGT671 Operations Management (6)

MGT672 Human Resource Management (6)

MGT673 Organizational Behavior (6)

MGT674 Quantitative Methods for Business (6)

MGT675 Strategic Management (6)

MGT676 Business Research (6)


Electives Courses


FIN672 Multinational Business Finance (6)

FIN673 Investments (6)

MAR672 Consumer Behavior (6)

MAR673 Strategic Marketing (6)

MGT677 Business Ethics (6)

MGT678 Managing Corporate Change (6)

MGT679 Labor Relations (6)

MGT680 Leadership and Innovation (6)

MGT682 Internship (6)




MGT681 Thesis (18)


The number of credits carried by each course is indicated in the parenthesis following the course title.


Why choose the American College distance education MBA?


  • Study a high quality and fully accredited program of study
  • Obtain a degree title that is fully recognized worldwide and equally acknowledged (compared to conventional MBAs) by academic institutions and employers
  • Earn a qualification from an academic institution based in the European Union and providing education since 1975
  • Learn with the use of state of the art distance-learning platform, web conferencing system and telecommunication software
  • Study based on up to date and comprehensive learning material, adjusted to the special characteristics of distance education
  • Get access to a rich and technologically advanced online library platform
  • Learn from well-qualified academics with substantial teaching and research experience, trained in the delivery of distance education
  • Study in our MBA program by paying affordable tuition fees

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