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Academic Committee



The Committee has the authority on all matters affecting the establishment of curricula, the fixing of standards of instruction, the determination of requirements for degrees and generally the formulation of the educational policy of the College in such matters. Specifically, the Academic Committee is responsible for:


  1. Assessing existing and developing new programs of study;
  2. Setting up and continuously monitoring academic standards;
  3. Setting up and supervising the implementation of admission requirements;
  4. Reviewing regularly the college admission requirements;
  5. Developing, assessing and modifying methods of teaching;
  6. Setting up examination procedures and regulations;
  7. Upgrading methods of student assessment;
  8. Establishing the graduation requirements for all qualifications;
  9. Modifying, reviewing, developing and assessing programs of study;
  10. Allocating academic responsibilities to members of the faculty; and
  11. Dealing with all matters affecting educational policy.


The Committee also handles unresolved disputes that may arise from a student who believes that a final grade received in a course does not represent a fair evaluation of his or her performance.




The Academic Committee consists of the following:


  1. Department Head (Chairperson)
  2. Department Heads
  3. Director of Administration
  4. Director of Admissions
  5. Director of Research Department
  6.  Student Welfare Officer
  7. President of Students’ Union


The Department Head chairing the committee is appointed by the Director in September of every year and his/her chairmanship is valid for the next 12 months. The Director has the right to re-appoint a Department Head to chair this committee.


Current Composition of the Quality Assurance Committee




Dr Charalambos Louca

Department Head (Chairperson)

Dr Constandinos Iacovou

Department Head

Dr Gregoris Liasis

Department Head

Mr Fotis Michael

Director of Administration

Mr Tasos Anastasiou

Director of Admissions

Ms Stella Georgiou

Student Welfare Officer

Mr Efstathios Nikolaides

President of Students’ Union





  1. The committee must meet at least six times each academic year. Hearings for grade grievance cases will be held when a student files a formal written grievance to the Student Welfare Officer.
  2. Meetings of the committee may be requested at any time by its members, provided that sufficient cause and a minimum of ten working days’ notice are given to the chairperson.
  3. To conduct the business of the committee a quorum must be present.
  4. A quorum is ½ of the total voting members.
  5. A motion becomes effective following a simple majority vote of the members present.
  6. The chairperson shall cast the deciding vote in case of a tie.
  7. Notice of the time, place and agenda shall be send by the chairperson to every member of the committee five working days in advance of the meeting.
  8. The agenda can include items requested by the chairperson and/or members of the committee.
  9. Proposed agenda items should be submitted to the chairperson at least six working days prior to a scheduled meeting.
  10. Meetings are held in closed sessions.
  11. The chairperson of the committee may invite any person to attend designated meetings.
  12. Non-members attending such meetings shall have a voice but not a vote in committee proceedings.
  13. The minutes of any meetings shall be kept in the office of the Director.


Regularity of Meetings


The Academic Committee meets at least 6 times in a year. The exact dates are announced in advance relative to the procedures mentioned above.




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