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Covid-19 Announcement

In order to prevent the spread of the COVID-19, from Monday 9/11/2020 we will start offering all the theoretical courses (see Table 1) online. All the courses taught partly or fully in a laboratory (see Table 2) will continue to be taught in classrooms as currently. The online classes will be conducted during the set days and times of the classes (the days and times the classes took place so far during Fall 2020 semester).


Online classes


Online classes will be conducted similarly to how the in-classroom classes were conducted. To participate in an online class you need to use the video conferencing application called “Zoom”. You can access “Zoom” from your smartphone, tablet, laptop or computer with speakers (to speak during an online class you will need a microphone too). Attached you may find guidelines as to how you can use “Zoom”.


It is compulsory to participate in the live online classes because this way you can ask your instructor questions, solve exercises etc. Instructors will record student attendance in each online class.


Online classes will finish earlier than the set ending time to allow instructors time to upload the video recording in Google Drive / Moodle and to execute their other online education duties.


Table 1 (Online Classes)

ACC101A  Financial Accounting 
ACC101B  Financial Accounting 
ACC201  Financial Accounting II
ACC203  Accounting II
ACC207  Accounting III
CSC101  Fundamentals of Information Technology
CUL300  Food Science
ECO101A  Principles of Microeconomics
ECO101B  Principles of Microeconomics
ECO301  International Economics 
ENG022  Elementary English Language I
ENG023  Elementary English Language II
ENG032  Intermediate English Language I
ENG033  Intermediate English Language II
ENG102A  English Writing 
ENG102B  English Writing 
ENG102C  English Writing 
ENG102D  English Writing 
ENG102E  English Writing 
ENG102F  English Writing 
ENG205  Advanced English 
FIN101  Principles of Financial Management 
FIN601  Financial Management
FRE201  French Language II
HOT106A  Hospitality Safety and First Aid
HOT106B  Hospitality Safety and First Aid
HOT106C  Hospitality Safety and First Aid
HOT205  Housekeeping Management
HOT206  Wines and Spirits
HOT304  Menu Planning 
HOT305  Control of Accommodation Operations
HOT306  Kitchen and Restaurant Organization
HOT403  Hospitality Maintenance Management
HOT404  International Hospitality Management 
HOT602  Management of Rooms Division 
HST102  History of Cyprus
LAW101  Business Law
LAW102  Company and Labor Law
MAR101A  Principles of Marketing 
MAR101B  Principles of Marketing 
MAR204  Consumer Behavior
MAR308  Strategic Marketing 
MAR601  Marketing Management
MGT201  Production and Operational Management 
MGT303  Management Science 
MGT403  Business Policy and Strategic Management 
MGT601  Operations Management 
MGT602  Human Resource Management 
MGT605  Managing Corporate Change 
MGT617  Research Methods 
MTH102A  Statistics
MTH102B  Statistics
MTH104  Discrete Mathematics
MTH201  Finite Mathematics 
MTH202  Calculus II
PHI101  Introduction to Philosophy 
SOC101  Principles of Sociology
TOU104  Tourism Geography
TOU205  Tourism Planning and Development 
TOU402  Sustainable Tourism 
TOU404  ETourism


Courses taught partly or fully in a laboratory


All practical courses shown in Table 2 will not be offered online, but will continue to be offered in the laboratories and the classes as currently.


Table 2 (In-class courses)

Physical Presense 
ACC205  Book-Keeping Applications
CSC102A  Computer Applications
CSC102B  Computer Applications
CSC102C  Computer Applications
CSC102D  Computer Applications
CSC102E  Computer Applications
CSC102F  Computer Applications
CSC103 Computer Porgramming 
CSC105  Digital Logic
CSC106  Word Processing 
CSC112  Computer Programming II
CSC118  Data Structures and Algorithms 
CSC124  Computer Applications
CSC126  Presentations Application 
CSC127  Computer Networks II
CSC206  Computer Architecture
CSC209  Visual Programming 
CSC210  Web Designing 
CSC215  Computer Organization and Assembly Programming 
CSC217  Operating Systems II
CSC219  Network Administration II
CSC220  Network Installations (Structured Cablling)
CSC225  Network Security II
CSC307  Software Engineering 
CSC310  Programming in Java
CSC407  Communications and Networks
CUL133  Pastry Arts and Baking 
CUL134  Hot Food Preparations 
CUL303  Cyprus Cuisine
HOT104A  Food and Beverage Service I
HOT104B  Food and Beverage Service I
HOT104C  Food and Beverage Service I
HOT105A  Food Production I
HOT105B  Food Production I
HOT105C  Food Production I
SEC202  Greek Text Production II
TOU102  Computerized Reservation System II







Learning platform


In addition to “Zoom”, you will have to use our learning platform “Moodle”. You can access your personal “Moodle” account from your smartphone, tablet, laptop or computer. Attached you may find guidelines as to how you can use “Moodle”.


Email communication


Instructors may communicate with you via email to provide you with directions and/or request feedback. Generally, it is important to keep in touch with your instructors.


Courses taught by independent study


In case you are enrolled in a course taught by independent study please note that your instructor will use communicate with you via email.Your instructor may conduct a few online classes for your independent study course but he/she will have to prearrange with you the date, starting time and duration of the online classes.


Payments to College


Since the suspension of the in-classroom classes the College is operating and paying for all its expenses (salaries and other operating expenses). It is important that students pay their tuition fees.


For making payments to the College you can either pay in cash at the College reception or make a money transfer to the bank account shown below. The money transfer must mention your name and student number.


Bank of Cyprus Ltd

Account name: American College (AC) Limited

Account number: 357028543889

IBAN: CY35 0020 0195 0000 3570 2854 3889



Once a payment is made you are required to send to a proof that the transfer was made and give the relevant reference number.



We will generally keep you informed and provide you with instructions and guidelines regarding academic issues and issues related to your safety.


If you do not have a smartphone, tablet, laptop or computer (with speakers) and internet access let us know by email at


For any questions and/or technical support you may contact the College at or 22368000.

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