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Diploma | 2 years of study | 120 ECTS


Students enrolled in this program earn a Diploma in Marketing. The program is designed for students whose career plans include product management, sales management, marketing management, advertising management and marketing research.  Further, it prepares students for higher studies in marketing or business.


  • To enhance students’ critical thinking, and to develop their analytical, problem-solving and decision-making skills.

  • To provide a broad understanding of the marketing function and its significance to the health and  survival of any organization.

  • To provide an introduction to the marketing system, its foundations and institutions and expose students to product, promotion, price and distribution decision areas.

  • To examine the dynamics of consumer behavior;

  • To offer a comprehensive study of the basic concepts of marketing operations and strategic planning.

  • To equip students with the ability to formulate, implement and monitor a basic marketing plan.

  • To offer students a solid academic background that would enable them to pursue higher studies in undergraduate and professional schools.
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Upon successful completion of this program of study, its graduates will:


  1. Identify core notions of marketing and the role of marketing in business and society and recognize the valuing process as it relates to making optimal decisions in the domestic and global business environments.

  2. Identify and take advantage of marketing opportunities and establish the optimum marketing mix for a business.

  3. Develop a market research plan and prepare market and business forecasts for applying a marketing plan.

  4. Identify market research needs and implement a marketing plan to meet an organization’s objectives, and to improve marketing performance, and evaluate and plan e-marketing communication as part of the integrated marketing communications plan.



The program requires a minimum of 120 ECTS credits as follows:


General Education Requirements | 54 ECTS credits

Business Core Requirements | 36 ECTS credits

Major Requirements | 30 ECTS credits




General Education Requirements

ECO101 Principles of Microeconomics (6)

ECO201 Principles of Macroeconomics (6)

ENG101 English Communication (6)

ENG102 English Writing (6)

ENG201 Advanced English (6)

GRE101 Modern Greek (6)

HST101 European History (6)

HST102 History of Cyprus (6)

MTH101 Mathematics (6)

MTH102 Statistics (6)

MTH201 Finite Mathematics (6)

MTH204 Statistics II (6)

PHI101 Introduction to Philosophy (6)

POL101 Political Studies (6)

PSY101 Introduction to Psychology (6)

SOC101 Principles of Sociology (6)

Business Core Requirements                          

ACC101 Financial Accounting (6)

ACC201 Financial Accounting II (6)

ACC401 Managerial and Cost Accounting (6)

CSC101 Introduction to Computing (6)

CSC102 Computer Applications (6)

CSC203 Management Information Systems (6)

FIN101 Principles of Financial Management (6)

LAW101 Business Law (6)

MAR101 Principles of Marketing (6)

MGT101 Principles of Management (6)

MGT302 Organizational Behavior (6)

MGT303 Management Science (6)

MGT401 International Business (6)

MGT403 Business Policy & Strategic Management (6)

Major Requirements                                        

MAR201 Marketing Research (6)

MAR202 Advertising Management (6)

MAR203 International Marketing (6)

MAR204 Consumer Behavior (6)

MAR205 Public Relations (6)

MAR306 Services Marketing (6)

MAR308 Strategic Marketing (6)

MAR309 Business to Business Marketing (6)

MAR310 Sales Management (6)

MAR401 Retail Management (6)

The number of teaching hours (TH) for each course is 3 except when otherwise stated.




Marketing Specialist


Social Media Manager


Email Marketing Manager


Web Content Writer


Web Producer


Product Manager


Marketing Analyst


Advertising Coordinator


Advertising Manager


Public Relations Manager


Brand Manager


Sales Manager


Media Buyer


Digital Marketing Manager


eCommerce Manager



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Master in Business Administration
Business Administration
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