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Grade Appeals Procedure

If a student thinks that the final grade he / she received in a course does not represent a fair evaluation of his/her performance, he / she must try to resolve this matter with the particular instructor. If this does not lead to a resolution, the student may appeal against the grade by completing and submitting to the College reception a Grade Appeal form within four weeks from the date student grades reports were ready. Following the submission of Grade Appeal form the Director of Student Affairs will examine the appeal and provide reach a decision regarding the student’s appeal.

An appeal must be based on evidence that the instructor has been unfair in awarding a grade or a legitimate error has been made in the calculation of a student’s grade. Disagreement with a instructor’s judgment is not a basis for a grade appeal, nor is disagreement with a instructor’s grading standards, if such standards have been described in advance to the class and have been applied fairly to all students in the course.

This procedure is only intended to handle disputes that may arise regarding the final examination. When disputes arise regarding the grading of other examinations or assignments during the semester/session, the student should contact the instructor immediately rather than wait until the end of the semester/session and try to resolve the issue.

Each grade appeal submitted according to this procedure must be an individual action by an individual student. Grade appeals by one student on behalf of several students or an entire class are not permitted.


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