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Academic dishonesty involves acts which may affect the integrity of the College’s educational process. Academic dishonesty includes, but is not limited to, the following acts: 


  1. Cheating – defined as giving or receiving unauthorized assistance of any form in any academic exercise or examination.
  2. Plagiarism – refers to presenting any work as one’s own when it has, in fact, been done by someone else or copied from printed material without clear citing of the source.
  3. Falsification – refers to inventing any information, dates or citations in an academic exercise.
  4. Multiple submissions – refers to submitting the same written work to more than one tutor without their knowledge and permission.
  5. Interference – refers to hindering the performance of another student.
  6. Complicity – refers to facilitating any of the above acts. 


Students found guilty of any form of dishonesty will subject themselves to sanctions ranging from failure in the assigned course in which the offense occurred to suspension or dismissal from the College.


Breach of Discipline


A student shall be deemed to have committed a breach of discipline if he/she:


  1. Engages in conduct which disrupts or is likely to disrupt teaching/learning activities or the administration of the College.
  2. Engages in conduct which obstructs or is likely to obstruct any employee of the College in the performance of his/her duties.
  3. Damages, defaces, occupies or uses College property without authorization.
  4. Fails to comply with any of the regulations of Conduct or any other rules and regulations which bear the same force. 


Breach of discipline by a student may result in reprimand or fine, suspension or dismissal from the College.

Damage of College Property


Any student caught damaging the property of the College in any way will be required to meet the costs of the damage incurred. The College reserves the right to impose further penalties for such unruly actions.

Disciplinary Committee


The Disciplinary Committee considers any subject related to student discipline. Students who violate regulations of the College may be subject to expulsion, dismissal or suspension. 


  1. Expulsion is permanent severance from the College.
  2. Dismissal is severance from the College for a specific period after which the permission of the Director of Student Affairs must be obtained for re-admission.
  3. Suspension is severance for a specific period with automatic re-admission.


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