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American College offers accredited programs of study. The qualifications of our certified programs are recognized by the Cyprus Study Title Recognition Council (KYSATS) depending on the level of the program, e.g. as a Master's Degree Master's Degree, University Level Degree, etc.



International recognition of degrees
The qualifications obtained after studying in the accredited programs of study are fully recognized in many countries besides Cyprus. This allows our graduates to work abroad.




Reputable Professors
American College has renowned professors in its ranks who have rich teaching and professional experience, internationally recognized research work and doctoral degrees. Our professors offer modern education in a way that is understandable and accessible to our students.




The modern and well-equipped facilities of American College include a library, computer workstations, computer lab, culinary workshops, restaurant workshop, fitness center, cafeteria, classrooms and administrative and academic staff offices.



American College has received many awards from reputable organizations for its quality of study and its social responsibility. In addition, several of our students have been awarded for their culinary skills in many competitions.



         Affordable tuition
Studying at American College, finance is the last thing students and their families need to worry about! Offering affordable tuition, ideal payment terms and financial assistance, studies at American College are possible for everyone.



         The Ministry of Education offers student grants of up to € 3,420 per year to eligible local students studying in one of our accredited programs of study . In addition, it offers a housing allowance of € 1,800, a food allowance of € 1,092, a book purchase allowance of up to € 300 and a computer purchase / upgrade allowance of up to € 500 per year to our eligible students studying in an accredited-certified degree.



Career Office
American College collaborates with leading organizations across Cyprus. Every year, the Career Day is organized with several students finding summer internship. In addition, the Career Office posts new job ads on a monthy basis for AC students and graduates.




Erasmus+ program
By studying at American College, our students can experience living abroad (without extra tuition) and / or training professionally abroad with funding from the European Commission.





Collaborations with universities abroad
American College maintains cooperation agreements with a large number of English-speaking universities in the United Kingdom, the United States, Europe and other countries. These collaborations enable our students to be accepted in the 2nd or 3rd year of graduate studies or in postgraduate study programs.




International Recognition


Our Facilities


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Erasmus+ Program


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