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Diploma in Office Management (Secretarial Studies)

Students enrolled in this program earn a Diploma in Office Management. The Diploma in Office Management is a continuation of the certificate in Office Management.

The program is designed to prepare students for careers as professional secretaries working in an office and administrative service environment. Students have the opportunity to acquire exceptionally advanced practical skills in English and Greek typewriting as well as to acquire practical skills in office procedures and electronic office equipment.  Special emphasis is given to advanced word-processing and Greek shorthand.

The program offers through its demanding schedule the opportunity for advanced positions as executive secretaries and personal assistants. It aims at providing students with the technical knowledge of computer and office skills typical of those used in the business world. The Diploma in Office Management is awarded after successful completion of year one and two.

Aims and objectives

The aims and objectives of the program are:

  • To equip students with advanced level typing skills.
  • To provide students with the knowledge, understanding and application of the concepts,  competence and responsibilities associated with office organization, procedures and administration.
  • To equip students with practical experience in using many computer applications.
  • To provide students with good business awareness, decision-making and time management skills so as to enable them to hold responsible office administration positions.
  • To help students develop accuracy, flexibility, commitment and initiative.


Learning Outcomes


Upon successful completion of this program of study, its graduates will:


  1. Compose, prepare and typewrite advanced professional business documents and business communication texts, in Greek and in English Language.
  2. Acquire high proficiency in English Language, Office Administration and English Text Production.  
  3. Organize a modern office using practical skills necessary for efficient management.
  4. Use various software applications to effectively and efficiently complete office management tasks.
  5. Get promoted to responsible office administration positions, using the business ethics, decision making and time management skills acquired.
  6. Depict the individual characteristics, the decision making skills, the time management skills and the appropriate behavior required for a successful and a professional career.
  7. Demonstrate skills of accuracy, flexibility, commitment and initiative. 


Credit Requirements

The program requires a minimum of 120 ECTS credits as follows:







Major Requirements



Electives Requirements








Major Requirements

CSC106 Word Processing (6)

CSC113 Spreadsheet (6)  

ENG108 English I (6)

ENG109 English II (6)

ENG110 English III (6)

ENG111 English IV (6)

SEC101 English Text Production I (6)

SEC106 Office Administration I (6)

SEC107 Office Administration II (6)

SEC201 English Text Production II (6)

SEC203 Office Administration III (6) 

SEC204 Office Administration IV (6)

SEC301 English Text Production III (6)

SEC401 English Text Production IV (6)


Elective Requirements


ACC105 Book-Keeping I (6)

ACC106 Book-Keeping II (6)

ACC107 Book-Keeping III (6)

ACC108 Book-Keeping IV (6)

CSC109 Internet and Electronic Communication (6)

CSC114 Presentations Application (6)

GRE101 Modern Greek (6)

GRE201 Modern Greek II (6)

HST101 European History (6)

HST102 History of Cyprus (6)

MAR205 Public Relations (6)

PHI101 Introduction to Philosophy (6)

POL101 Political Studies (6)

PSY101 Introduction to Psychology (6)

SEC102 Greek Text Production I (6)

SEC104 Greek Shorthand I (6)

SEC105 Greek Shorthand II (6)

SEC202 Greek Text Production II (6)

SEC302 Greek Text Production III (6)

SEC402 Greek Text Production IV (6)

SOC101 Principles of Sociology (6)


The number of teaching hours (TH) for each course is 3 except when otherwise stated.

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