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Library and Online Learning Resources

Library and Online Learning Resources


The American College library is an integral part of the teaching and learning environment of the College. The library is well-equipped with a wide range of books, academic journals, periodicals and electronic and digital material in order to meet the educational needs of students as well as the professional needs of the faculty staff. The library is specially designed for reading purposes with plastic flooring and double-glazing in order to reduce noise. The library has a large seating capacity and it is ideal for studying in peace and quiet.


The books’ section, with thousands of volumes, consists of specialized books and hard copies of popular journals and magazines covering all areas associated with the College’s curricula. The DVDs’ section includes many academic and professional DVDs. The library’s collection is available to our students and staff on a short and long term loan basis depending on demand. Photocopying facilities are also available during library opening hours. Moreover, the library provides Wi-Fi access.


Library collections are well organized and are arranged for efficient retrieval at the time of need. The referencing system of the library is computerized and can be accessed via terminals found in the library. A user can track down a book by simply entering the author’s name or the book’s title. The user can also search the database by subject so he/she can look at every book that covers a specific topic. The library uses the DEWEY decimal classification system for organizing the collections.


Library staff is always available to assist and advise library users on library issues throughout the library’s opening hours. They will help you exploit the library’s information resources and they are ready to assist with specialized enquiries and can guide you to relevant information sources. During orientation, students are introduced to the library’s indexing system and available facilities.


Our library subscribes to online learning resources. The resources contain thousands of online books from reputable commercial and academic presses and millions of citable journal, magazine and newspaper articles on various subjects. In addition, the online resources provide its users with advanced tools for research and writing such as search tools and automatic generation of bibliographies.


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