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Computer Center

Equipped with state of the art hardware and up to date software, the College computer facilities, among a few of its kind in Cyprus, aim to satisfy the needs of the teaching, research and administration functions of the College. Our high quality integrated technology facilities adequately support the needs of our students, faculty and administration staff and enhance the quality and reliability of the students' educational experience. American College recognizes the significance of keeping up with the technological advances in this area, and it vows to continue to lead the way by investing heavily in computer facilities, arming its students with a solid academic and scientific background.


The College has a distributed computing environment, which provides high speed connection to appropriate services and Internet through a number of high performance local area networks (LAN) using a high-speed backbone. Our facilities are powered by Windows and Unix (Linux) physical and virtual servers to support the E-mail, intranet, distance learning, MS SQL databases, and other services of the College. Network infrastructure is build up in a way that maximizes efficiency and productivity but also ensures the maximum level of data security possible. Our facilities include switches, backup devices and Uninterrupted Power Supply (UPS) devices. Furthermore, our infrastructure includes a Unified Thread Management (UTM) appliance as well as a cloud-based antivirus software in order to protect the campus network from malicious intent users and software. In addition, all critical systems are fully redundant so students, faculty and administration staff is provided with a safe and a stable computing environment. Finally, our facilities allow for eligible users to access the campus network remotely.


All American College students and personnel (academic/administrative) enjoy a ubiquitous access to the Internet through the campus-wide Wi-Fi networks. The networks allow users to have wireless access to the Internet from all the College’s campus including classrooms, laboratories, cafeteria and library. Furthermore, our computer facilities include a powerful platform for distance learning. The platform includes a Learning Management System and is mainly used by our Distance Learning students and faculty.


The computer facilities include several well-equipped computer laboratories, a computer network laboratory and a computer help desk which is available to assist students, faculty and administration staff. Every computer found in our computer laboratories provides access to an extensive portfolio of up to date software such as widely used commercial application software, programming languages and other software necessary to cater the specialized needs of all our programs of study. All computer laboratories are equipped with a heavy-duty network laser printer, a video projector and an electrical projection screen. Most computer laboratories are free from classes and they are available exclusively to the students carrying out their assignments, practicing, researching or for exploring the Internet.


Our computer network laboratory is equipped with all the devices, tools and materials computer network professionals use in the actual field of work, from a simple screwdriver to a complex metal detector. Having in mind the latest technology trends, the lab is equipped with Cisco routers and switches, a firewall, wireless access points and many more. Furthermore, the lab consists of installation and testing tools for every communication medium used today in network communications, from a simple coaxial cable to the more complex fibre optic cable. Finally, state of the art workstations with all required software utilities for programing, testing and emulation are also installed.

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