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Οι εγκαταστάσεις του American College βρίσκονται στη Λευκωσία στην καρδιά του κέντρου της πόλης και συμπεριλαμβάνου συνδεδεμένα ιδιόκτητα κτίρια. Τα κτίρια είναι ευρύχωρα με εγκαταστάσεις που επιτρέπουν στους μαθητές να απολαύσουν μια επιτυχημένη ακαδημαϊκή και κοινωνική ζωή. Η πανεπιστημιούπολη περιλαμβάνει βιβλιοθήκη, εργαστήρια, αίθουσες διδασκαλίας, γυμναστήριο, καφετέρια και γραφεία διοίκησης και διδασκόντων. Οι εγκαταστάσεις της πανεπιστημιούπολης μας περιγράφονται παρακάτω.

Library and Online Learning Resources

The American College library is an integral part of the teaching and learning environment of the College. The library is well-equipped with a wide range of books, academic journals, periodicals and electronic and digital material in order to meet the educational needs of students as well as the professional needs of the faculty staff. The library is specially designed for reading purposes with ... Περισσότερα

Computer Center

Equipped with state of the art hardware and up to date software, the College computer facilities, among a few of its kind in Cyprus, aim to satisfy the needs of the teaching, research and administration functions of the College. Our high quality integrated technology facilities adequately support the needs of our students, faculty and administration staff and enhance the quality and reliability ... Περισσότερα

Kitchen and Restaurant Laboratories

The College has fully equipped professional kitchen and restaurant laboratories that are used for practical cookery and food and drinks serving sessions. Classes held in these facilities give students the opportunity to train in real life situations. Students learn all the practical areas of food production and service such as kitchen layout and design, menu planning, purchasing, issuing orders, ... Περισσότερα


A large and comfortable cafeteria is available and open during College hours. Equipped with all the necessary kitchen facilities, it serves lunch, snacks and soft drinks to students and staff. In addition, the cafeteria is used by students for recreational activities during their free time. This includes playing various games such as pool, table football, chess, backgammon, electronic and other ... Περισσότερα

Gymnastic Center (Fitness One)

Fitness One is the College gymnastic center. It is equipped with a number of professional electronic and manual universal fitness machines and separate changing rooms and shower facilities for male and female users of the center. Equipment for use include leg extension, leg curl, leg adductor, chest press, lat machine, peck deck, free weights, sitting bike, incline bench, decline bench, bicep ... Περισσότερα

Other Facilities

Classrooms. Teaching takes place in modern and properly equipped classrooms. Classrooms are equipped with a computer that provides access to the internet, a video projector, an overhead projector, speakers, an electric projection screen, whiteboards and air conditioning units for cool and warm air. Administration and Faculty Offices The administration and faculty offices are well ... Περισσότερα

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