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Bachelor in Marketing


Students enrolled in this program earn a Bachelor of Arts in Marketing. The program prepares graduates to assume positions in brand management, product management, new product development, sales force management, advertising and marketing research.  Further, the program prepares students for post-baccalaureate studies in marketing or business.





The aims and objectives of the program are:


  • To develop students’ critical thinking and refine their analytical, problem-solving and decision-making skills.
  • To develop a conceptual understanding of a complex and changing environment and its effects on marketing activities and institutions.
  • To examine the role of marketing in the socioeconomic system and the major decision areas of product planning, pricing, distribution and promotion.
  • To explore the dynamics of consumer behavior and the social, cultural and psychological factors influencing their purchase decisions; to analyze existing models of consumer behavior and their role in formulation and implementation of marketing strategies.
  • To examine widespread methods and techniques of marketing research and to provide the skills to analyze demand, market segments and cost-volume profit relationships of marketing programs.
  • To explore the process of strategic planning and the development of marketing strategy.  
  • To develop skills in formulating, implementing and monitoring comprehensive marketing plans.
  • To provide students the academic, technical and intellectual background that would enable them to continue their education in high-quality graduate and professional schools.




Upon successful completion of this program of study, its graduates will:


  1. Identify core notions of marketing and the role of marketing in business and society and recognize the valuing process as it relates to making optimal decisions in the domestic and global business environments.
  2. Understand and apply the marketing concepts of consumer behavior, integrated marketing communications, marketing research, marketing analysis, services marketing, business to business marketing, and global and international marketing.
  3. Manage the marketing process to create value for the organizational stakeholders by developing marketing strategies based on product, price, place and promotional objectives.
  4. Demonstrate multi-channel communication with the use of conventional and contemporary tools to communicate the unique marketing mixes and selling propositions for an organizations’ offerings.
  5. Deploy systematic collection, processing, and analysis of consumer data to make informed marketing decisions, and to analyze marketing problems and provide solutions based on a critical examination of these marketing information.
  6. Develop comprehensive B2B and B2C marketing plans, based on customer and market research that reflect an organization’s domestic and international strategic vision.
  7. Develop a strategically focused integrated marketing communications plan, based on research and on brand analysis, on competition, and consumer behavior, using appropriate communications strategies.





The program requires a minimum of 240 ECTS credits as follows:







General Education Requirements



Business Core Requirements



Major Requirements



Free Electives










General Education Requirements


ECO101 Principles of Microeconomics (6)

ECO201 Principles of Macroeconomics (6)

ENG101 English Communication (6)

ENG102 English Writing (6)

ENG201 Advanced English (6)

GRE101 Modern Greek (6)

HST101 European History (6)

HST102 History of Cyprus (6)

MTH101 Mathematics (6)

MTH102 Statistics (6)

MTH201 Finite Mathematics (6)

MTH204 Statistics II (6)

PHI101 Introduction to Philosophy (6)

POL101 Political Studies (6)

PSY101 Introduction to Psychology (6)

SOC101 Principles of Sociology (6)


Business Core Requirements                          


ACC101 Financial Accounting (6)

ACC201 Financial Accounting II (6)

ACC401 Managerial and Cost Accounting (6)

CSC101 Introduction to Computing (6)

CSC102 Computer Applications (6)

CSC203 Management Information Systems (6)

FIN101 Principles of Financial Management (6)

LAW101 Business Law (6)

MAR101 Principles of Marketing (6)

MGT101 Principles of Management (6)

MGT302 Organizational Behavior (6)

MGT303 Management Science (6)

MGT401 International Business (6)

MGT403 Business Policy & Strategic Management (6)


Major Requirements                                        


MAR201 Marketing Research (6)

MAR202 Advertising Management (6)

MAR203 International Marketing (6)

MAR204 Consumer Behavior (6)

MAR205 Public Relations (6)

MAR306 Services Marketing (6)

MAR308 Strategic Marketing (6)

MAR309 Business to Business Marketing (6)

MAR310 Sales Management (6)

MAR401 Retail Management (6)


Free Electives


The student is free to take any course offered by the College.


The number of teaching hours (TH) for each course is 3 except when otherwise stated.